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There are different ways family can keep fit, have fun and work together as a family. This ranges from indoor games to outdoor games. Whichever method chosen should go well...


There are different ways family can keep fit, have fun and work together as a family. This ranges from indoor games to outdoor games. Whichever method chosen should go well for all the members of the family to ensure maximum fun. Click here for more information. great advice

In this article, we shall be looking at a reasonable number of them.

  1. Hiking: This can be described as a walk for a long distance, it also involves walking across the country. This can as well be called It is a very good idea for family fitness. This can be done on hills, bush paths, etc. Families that go for hiking should go along with the following basic equipment: drinking water, food, hiking boots, first aid kit, and compass. Hiking is a kind of outdoor activity. It's fun but at the end, the body is well exercised. Even at that, there are some threats to watch out for which normally goes with hiking. These include dehydration, diarrhea, sunburn and ankle sprains.

Benefits Of Hiking

  1. Reduces heart disease risk to the barest minimum
  2. Helps to improve the blood pressure and sugar levels
  • Helps to boost bone density
  1. Strengthens the bones in the hips and lower legs
  1. Hooping: This is another idea of family fitness which is normally downgraded. Some people think it is meant for just children but studies have proved that it is a very good family fitness. It can go along with songs and cheers. The weighted hoop is the basic thing needed for this kind of game. Body weights determine the different hoops the family needs. This game keeps the heart racing and it is very good for physical fitness. It is also a type of outdoor game.

Benefits Of Hooping

  1. Burns calories
  2. It is good for the heart
  • It improves the strength and flexibility of the spine
  1. It improves hand-to-eye coordination
  1. Skipping: This is another game played with rope and by jumping over the rope. It involves energy and determination not to step on the rope. It can be played by all members of the family. Different sizes of ropes can be gotten to fit different sizes of family members.

Benefits Of Skipping

  1. It burns calories greatly
  2. It is best for cardio workout
  3. It can be done indoor, so when the weather is not favorable, it does not stop the workout.
  4. It is an inexpensive form of exercise
  5. It helps muscle toning
  6. It helps to develop thigh and calf muscle
  7. It improves hip-flexor muscle
  8. It is a low-impact exercise compared to running
  9. It improves bone density
  10. No pre-knowledge is expected before anyone can indulge in it.
  1. Skating: This is the kind of sport which involve traveling on surfaces or ice using skates. There are different types of skates among which are ice skating, figure skating, speed and tour skating. The involved should choose the type that best suit their family.

Benefit Of Skating

  1. Building of leg muscle
  2. Reduces stress
  3. Strengthens the joints
  4. Keeps the person mentally fit
  5. Gives room for cardio workout
  6. Management of weight
  1. Frisbee Golf: This can also be called Disc Golf. It is a kind of game whereby the players throw discs at a target. The rules of the game are similar to that of the golf. This game was invented in the early 1900s while modern disc golf started in the early 1960s.

Types Of Discs Used For The Game

  1. Putters: These are designed to fly straight and very slow compared to others. They are used for tight control shots that are close to the baskets.
  2. Mid-range: These are designed with sharper edges that enable it to cut through the air easily. They are faster more stable and have longer range than the putter
  3. Driver: This is sharp with beveled edges. Most of their mass is concentrated on the outer rim of the disc. They are not distributed equally throughout the whole disc. They are mainly designed to travel farther distances at a very high speed.
  1. Volleyball: The family can divide themselves into teams to play this game. The game is normally played with hands or arms but they can as well strike the game with any part of their body.

Things Recognised As Faults In Volleyball

  1. When the ball touches the ground outside the opponent's court
  2. Catching and throwing the ball
  • When a player makes two (2) consecutive contacts with the ball
  1. When a team makes four (4) consecutive contacts with the ball
  2. When the net is touched during play
  3. When the foot crosses boundary line during serving

Rules Of The Game

  1. The court dimension must be 9m x 18m divided into equal halves by a net.
  2. The ball must be spherical and constructed with leather or synthetic leather. The weight must be between 260 - 280g.
  3. Each team must consist of six (6) players.
  4. When an error is made, the team that didn’t make the error is awarded a point.
  5. The Libero’s jersey must be a different color from other players. Libero is the defensive player of the team.
  6. Players can serve from anywhere behind the line as far as it is within the theoretical extension of the sidelines.

These are the major rules of the volleyball, although, the rules were later amended and some certain things were added.